CAS No.: 3483-12-3

Molecular formula: C4H10O2S2

Molecular weight: 154.25

Brief introduction: dithiothreitol is a common reductant, also called dithiothreitol (DTT), which has strong reducibility. Its reducibility is largely due to the conformational stability of its oxidized six-membered ring (containing disulfide bond). The reducing force is affected by the pH value k. It can only play a reducing role when the pH value is greater than 7. This is because only the proton-removed mercaptan anion (- S –) has reactivity, while mercaptan (- SH) does not; The pKa of sulfhydryl group is generally~8.3.

Function: dithiothreitol has antioxidant effect. It can protect the reducing group on the enzyme molecule, maintain the reducing environment and stabilize the enzyme activity. DTT also contains some RNA enzyme inhibitors, which can inhibit the activity of RNA enzyme. It has the similar effect of mercaptoethanol (mercaptoethanol), but the irritating smell of DTT is much smaller and the toxicity is much lower than mercaptoethanol. Moreover, when the concentration of DTT is 7 times lower than that of mercaptoethanol, the effect of both is similar. But the price of DTT is slightly higher. It can be used as a protective agent for protein Ryukhi and the cleavage and sequence analysis of protein disulfide bonds.



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