Chinese name: Aslido

English name: Ascaridole

Chemical formula: C10H16O2

Composition: C 71.39%, H 9.59%, O 19.02%

Relative molecular weight: 168.23

Relative density: d420 0.0010103 g/cm3; d2020 1.0113 kg/m3

Melting point: mp 3.3 ° C

Boiling point: bp0.2 39-40 ° C

CAS No.: 512-85-6

Introduction: The English scientific name of Ascaridole is 512-85-6 in CAS. The common molecular formula (chemical formula) of Ascaridol is C10H16O2, with a molecular weight of 168.23, a melting point of mp 3.3 ° C, a boiling point of bp0.2 39-40 ° C, and a density of d420 0.0010103 g/cm3. It is a compound composed of C 71.39%, H 9.59%, and O 19.02%.

Function and use: Astrido is a compound, mainly used in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical fields.



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