Ursonic acid

CAS No.: 6246-46-4

Molecular formula: C30H46O3

Molecular weight: 454.68

Background and overview: 3-oxo-12-en-28-ursoic acid, English name 3-Oxours-12-en-28-oicacid, alias 3-oxo-ursorane-12-en-28-carboxylic acid; CAS is 6246-46-4, molecular weight 454.34500, molecular formula C30H46O3, logP 7.29770, PSA 54.37000, customs code 2918300090. This product is used to synthesize target compounds with certain uses, which is dangerous. If inhaled, please move the patient to fresh air; In case of skin contact, take off the contaminated clothes, wash the skin thoroughly with soapy water and clean water, and seek medical advice in case of any discomfort; In case of contact with sunny eyes, separate the eyelids, wash with flowing water or physiological saline, and seek medical attention immediately; If swallowed, rinse your mouth immediately. Chemicalbook is forbidden to induce vomiting, and seek medical attention immediately. The advice for the protection of rescuers is as follows: transfer the patient to a safe place, consult the doctor, and if conditions permit, please show this chemical safety technical manual to the doctor on site. In case of leakage, small amount of leakage shall be collected in airtight containers as far as possible, absorbed with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials, and transferred to a safe place. It is prohibited to flush into the sewer; In case of a large amount of leakage, build a dike or dig a pit to receive it, close the drainage pipeline, cover it with foam, inhibit evaporation, transfer it to a tank car or a special collector with an explosion-proof pump, and recycle or transport it to a waste treatment site for disposal.

Synthesis and application: compound 1 is refluxed in acetone under the action of Jones reagent. After reaction for 5 hours, 3-oxo-12-en-28-ursolic acid (2) is obtained. Then, a series of new quinoline oxadiazole derivatives with anti-tumor activity can be prepared by further reaction with 2 as raw material.



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